Advisory Firm Success Story


The firm’s goal was to go grow from $74M to $100M+ in AUM in less than 1 year and add an advisor to the team. In order to reach their goal, the owner needed to spend more time on building the business and less time on the operations. The owner also recognized the need to put additional processes, staff and systems in place in order to offload the operations work, scale the business, and ensure quality client servicing.



MyVirtualCOO (MVCOO) took the time to observe and learn about the business operations in order to provide a customized set of recommendations and costs on processes, technology, and virtual staff, known as the Game Plan. Based on the tools and processes the client choose, we implemented the solutions and trained employees to ensure that the systems were integrated, working properly and that processes were constantly being implemented and improved.

Researched and Recommended: Software: CRM, Document Management, Portal, Rebalancing, Form Filling, Aggregation, Social Media, and Email Blast. Hardware: dual monitors, updated Adobe with password protection, Twain scanners, new internet carrier, mobile cell phone device. Staff: hire a planner and marketing/administrative assistance. Outsourcers: Portfolio accounting/reconciliation/reporting, website, compliance, recruiter.

Implemented, Integrated and Trained: Software: CRM, Document Management, Form Filling, Financial Planning, Social Media, Email Blast, Aggregation, Rebalancing and appropriate Microsoft Office software with full, time saving integrations of CRM/Document Management, CRM/Form Filling, Portfolio Accounting/CRM/Financial Planning, CRM/Email Blast and Aggregation/Portfolio Accounting/Rebalancing software.

Created and trained firm on newly created processes: Built the following processes within the CRM to effectively manage the staff, productively complete the work and create a scalable firm as operations work was now trackable and delegatable. Process: lead to prospect, prospect to client, new client on boarding, annual client review, annual compliance, financial plan prep, and investment reporting.



1 year later, AUM had grown from $74 million to $101 million. Firm added 2 full time, highly qualified staff and outsourced compliance, website updates, and portfolio accounting/reporting/billing. The owner’s work day stayed at 5 hours a day to service clients and manage the staff and business. This 5 hour workday allowed ample time for out-of-office networking, non-profit association work, and a healthy work/life balance.


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