Advisory Firm Success Story


   •     Not attracting the next generation of advisors with books of business
   •     Unable to find productive operations staff to join the firm
   •     Unhappy with lack of usable square footage of current office space
   •     No time to attract new business without adding staff
   •     Unable to monitor work and manage current staff effectively
   •     Feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and lacking control over business



My Virtual COO implemented the following:

Researched, Calculated, and Recommended:
Software: CRM, Document Management, Portal, Form Filling, Portfolio Accounting & Email Blast
Hardware: Dual Monitors, PDF software, Desktop Scanners.
Virtual Staff: Bookkeeper, Portfolio Back Office, and Assistant


Implemented, Integrated, and Trained:
Software: Redtail CRM, Net Documents (paperless), Laser App, Money Guide Pro, AUM feeds, Copy Talk, all being integrated with Redtail.
Hardware: Dual Monitors, PDF Software, Desktop Scanners
Virtual Staff: Bookkeeper, Portfolio Back Office, Virtual Assistant


Created and trained firm on newly created, customized processes:
Lead to Prospect
Prospect to Client
New Client On Boarding
Annual Client Servicing: meetings, plan updates, & more
Investment Reporting
Marketing “Lite”
Taught executives how to:
   •     Effectively manage staff,
   •     Productively complete work
   •     Create a scalable firm



   •     AUM increased from $180 million to $200+ million
   •     Reduced staff size (and $80,000 in costs)
   •     Eliminated the portfolio accounting system
   •     Moved office to same square footage space with 3 open offices for new advisor
   •     Attracted seasoned younger advisor to join the firm
   •     Developed & implemented a “Lite” Marketing Plan to attract new business
   •     Organized with documented processes & integrated systems streamlining
   •     More time available, as less time spent on managing & monitoring staff & expert
   •     Easier transition on-boarding new staff due to understandable procedures



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