Advisory Firm Success Story


The firm’s goal was to grow from $129M to $500M+ in AUM in next 5 years. In order to reach their goal, the partners of the 9 person firm needed to free up staff capacity to service more clients and eliminate the frequent technology setbacks and lack of integration they were experiencing. The partners also recognized the need to put additional processes, staff and systems in place in order to offload the operations work, scale the business, ensure quality client servicing, and instill self-cross training as part of continual learning.



MyVirtualCOO (MVCOO) took the time to observe and learn about the business operations in order to provide a customized set of recommendations and costs on processes, technology, and virtual staff, known as the Game Plan. Based on the tools and processes the client choose, we implemented the solutions and trained employees to ensure that the systems were integrated, working properly and that processes were constantly being implemented and improved.

Researched and Recommended: Software: Document Management, Portal, Form Filling, Email Hosting, Email Archive, Email Blast, full sync strategy for all devices and software programs to avoid duplicate information. Hardware: increased internet speeds with move to FIOS business, new computers, dual monitors, Twain scanners, shared drive for install software, removal of hosted server. Outsourcers: IT hardware firm.

Implemented, Integrated and Trained: Massive cleanup of CRM’s contacts (eliminated 7,000 of the 10,000 contacts) and segmentation (client and prospect levels), implemented Document Management system and coordinated 4-person team and strategy to scan room of file cabinet materials and coordinated backup of 50 gb of documents to then migrate into software, Form Filling Software, Email Hosting system and coordination of move of all past emails and email folders, Microsoft Office/Outlook 2010 with CRM and Document Management integrations, CRM/AUM integration, CRM/Form Filling integration to drastically reduce time filling out forms, CRM/Document Management integration to reduce time it takes to find/view client documents, 30/60/90 day no activity reports on clients, Mass email blast system, CRM/Email system/Mobile device cross syncing, and a client Vault.

Created and trained firm on newly created processes: Built the following processes within the CRM to effectively manage the staff, productively complete the work and create a scalable firm as operations work was now trackable and delegatable. Process: sales pipeline, prospect to client, new client on boarding, annual client servicing (meetings, holiday, birthday, newsletter, reporting), annual compliance, financial plan prep.



Within 5 months, AUM growth restarted with $31 million added to their already $130 million AUM client base. The firm gained a new, needed conference room due to removal of file cabinets. They reduced tech operating costs by over $20,000+ due to elimination of hosted server system along with removal of the obstacles to multiple, time saving integrations among CRM, mobile devices, email, document management and more. The firm no longer has to hire more staff due to 50%+ increased productivity that came from continual training on best practices and tech time saving tips, faster internet speeds, multi-integrations, dual monitors, and the organized, paperless environment. The firm is now prepared to execute a proactive marketing plan as their staff has capacity to service more highly profitable clients.



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