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Outsourced providers Black Listed by custodians and BDs…here is why

Everyone probably knows what a black list is… However, not everyone knows what an outsourced provider is. Before we explain the reasons why outsourced providers are black listed, here is the definition: And outsourced provider is a business that provides a service to your firm without coming onsite. For example, the virtual receptionist firm answering your … read more

Outsourcing Investment Management and explaining the ops and tech difference of TPAMs vs TAMPs

Many financial advisory firms want the silver bullet solution to outsourcing investment management so the focus can be on client interactions and business development. However the jargon in this outsourced space has become very confusing so here is a brief summary of our understanding. TPAM – Third Party Asset Manager A TPAM will provide investment research, … read more

PFM and the positive impact on your client experience and workload

Share: Should my firm implement a PFM software OR manually collect and enter asset and liability values?  Many wealth advisory firms are asking this question. Let’s start with the basics and then answer your question. What is a PFM? A Personal Financial Management software (PFM) captures clients’ asset & liability accounts, such as 401(k), mortgage, checking accounts, … read more