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Don't know which CRM is right for your business or how it integrates?

Can't find the time to roll-out new tech so you have high adoption?

Worried about choosing the wrong client portal?

Wondering about the cost of changing systems or impact of change on the staff?

Searching for workflow processes to increase productivity?

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Avoiding the collapse of independent wealth advisory businesses

We have spent years working with hundreds of advisory businesses and talking to thousands more. It is time to share the honest truth. The fee-only independent advisory industry is collapsing to very few, sustainable businesses. This is occurring because most advisor/owners have no passion, experience, or interest in being a CEO. Fact: Advisor owners have not evolved into … read more

A constantly evolving list of Roll Up RIAs or Equity Partners to consider

  We can’t keep up with the list of firms that you can join, have become an equity partner, or be acquired by. So we are posting this list below and will continue to update the blog post with new names. We also are privately documenting the arrangements offered by each firm. Some of the … read more

A few worksheets to help improve your business profitability and operational excellence

We had a great time building out tech plans and identifying capacity gaps at T3 Tech Tools this year! The take away worksheets are shown below. As always, we are here to help if you would like help navigating as you strive for operational excellence. Click HERE to subscribe to our monthly solutions newsletter Click HERE … read more


"Jennifer and the entire My Virtual COO team were instrumental in our CRM transition to the Redtail platform. Their expertise in working with financial advisory firms was a great help in that we were not wasting time trying to 're-invent the wheel', but rather they were able to bring us the best practices and techniques that have already been evaluated and proven to work and they were able to tailor them to our specific needs. Throughout our engagement, Jennifer and her staff kept us up to date and on schedule with a minimum of one weekly update call (usually more) and they brought a fresh perspective and special attention to the pain-points and other items that could have easily been overlooked or swept aside. My Virtual COO also opened our eyes to areas of improvement that will be a part of our focus as we grow in the future. Their knowledge of third-party vendors and additional support tools was a great advantage to us in mapping out our long-term technology goals and we will look to their team again to assist us with process creation and implementation as we continue to grow as a company."
Duane Mercer - Chief Finance & Information Officer at Accurate Advisory Group Inc

"As a result of our rapid growth, our firm was experiencing a number of new challenges. We contacted My Virtual COO, hoping they could help and they did in an unexpected way. Over the course of an hour Jen, founder of COO, asked a lot of questions, made a few comments and then surprised us by removing her firm as a possible solution for our situation. In her opinion, our entire business needed to be reviewed and possibly re-designed, not just the operations processes and technology.
We did not have a technology problem. We had outgrown our structure. In short, instead of trying to find a solution that would benefit COO, Jen very confidently helped us find the one that was right for us.
From this experience you can understand why it is very easy for me to wholeheartedly recommend My Virtual COO to those seeking to improve their technology and operations. They have the knowledge and experience to design and integrate effective firm-wide solutions. And COO's founder Jennifer has the integrity to make certain these solutions are truly in the best interest of those she serves."
Paul Brown - Managing Principal, BROWNSTONE Business Advisors

Our Services

Boost Call

Boost forward with our 45-min solutions call to quickly tackle an operational hurdle with rapid fire discussion and possible screen sharing.

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Sounding Board

Jump ahead with our 5-hour engagement to quickly learn which tech and providers are the best fit for your business and budget.

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Optimize the use of your tech to improve the client and staff experience, increase productivity, and decrease the workload.

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Game Plan

Get clarity with our comprehensive assessment and recommendation of tech, integration, and outsourced provider solutions to truly improve your business.

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Project Management & Implementation

Allow us to manage the implementation so you experience high adoption of new tech and providers. We will train on best practices and high adoption use, manage the project tightly to ensure timely completion with least effort possible, and create your own CRM workflow processes to optimize the use of your new tech, providers, and staff.

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Boost Call

Boost Call

Share your operational hurdle

Learn what we recommend and why

Understand what other firms are doing to overcome the hurdle

Learn what tech and providers might be a solution and why

View tech integrations and solutions via our screen sharing

Understand the real costs and implementation time to achieve adoption and ROI

45-minute screen share call and strategy = $300 = Clarity!

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Sounding Board

Discuss operational solutions to major hurdles within the business

Learn about tech and integrations that reduce your workload

View the technology and integrations before you buy it

Be connected with the best-fit, available outsource providers that can free up your time

Become educated on the real costs and implementation time to achieve adoption and ROI

5 hours of screen share calls and strategy = $2,500 = Clarity!

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Allow us to review your CRM, Port Management or client portal software and provide optimization recommendations.

Use our easy-to-follow template to define your client servicing segments and incorporate best use of tech.

Become educated on the benefits of the optimize recommendations and how to implement.

Receive best-practice training within the software to reduce the effort and workload.

Work with us interactively to build one major, customized CRM workflow to use immediately.

10 hours = $2,500 = Optimized!

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Game Plan

Receive a comprehensive, written list of recommendations of tech, integrations, and outsourced providers that will allow your financial advisory firm to:

Integrate to reduce data entry and improve communications
Delegate work without losing control of quality
Eliminate work to free up time
Outsource back office work to experts
Staff properly

Visually see best practices, pros, cons, and features of pre-integrated tech on our screen sharing calls

Receive customized, detailed quotes of tech and providers before you commit

And so much more…….

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Project Management & Implementation

Project Management
Every successful change requires project management. We can be your interim Project Manager to join all vendor calls, manage the project, set the milestones and timelines, sell the staff on the new tech before it is implemented, and ensure your staff is not wasting time on needless projects assigned by any vendor. We communicate progress and timelines to your COO and Executives, keep open lines of communications with the staff most impacted by changes or new systems, and help you roll out new tech and providers in a timely and impactful manner.  

Tech or Provider Customization
Paying for licenses of tech or signing a contract with an outsourced provider is just the first step. We customize the tech fields, layouts, data placement, and integrations to your business. We ensure the outsourced providers blend with your staff and quickly understand what work to complete and how to communicate with your team. Making the technology and providers work for your business model is essential to adoption and experiencing the benefits and ROI.

Customized, propriety data conversion templates
The data migration templates, built by vendors or custodians, are 'one-size-fits-all'.  Our templates are customized to your firm and data to reduce post-migration cleanup and migration labor. Our customized templates also place the data in the most useful fields to maximize the use of the technology and integrations.  

Rolling out technology means training staff and doing it correctly to achieve high adoption. Let us take the wheel by creating live, hands-on best practices training sessions that is customized to the staff's level of knowledge, roles, and your business model.  

Workflow processes
Wrap up each project with the creation of customized workflows that guide current and future staff on the Who, What, Where – tasked! We will create or improve your CRM workflows to optimize the use of your new tech, integrations, staff and outsourced providers. Automated tasks built to keep best practices in motion.

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