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A quicker method to selecting your Investment Management system

  INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE & A QUICKER METHOD TO RESEARCH THE CHOICES Many advisory firms struggle with the selection of their investment management software. We know there are over 50 choices that range from reporting, analytics, risk, re balancing, optimization, and more. If you want to DIY the research, below is a master list of … read more

It’s Time for Kaizen! Infuse Lean Thinking into the Financial Planning Process

Kaizen (改善?): Japanese for “change for better“. (Wikipedia) I am a Black Belt. Not the Bruce Lee, or Tai Kwan Do kind, but the Lean Six Sigma type. If you’re confused, it’s probably because you haven’t yet heard of the practice of Lean Thinking. However, you probably experience some form of it almost daily. For … read more

A Fun Way to Identify Problems Within Your Workflow

What I’m about to disclose to you is not rocket science—it’s common sense. It’s a way of identifying problems within your workflow in a fun, productive manner. First, make use of whiteboarding, colored markers, and paper. Buy a set of colored markers and some 3M post-it paper, which you can get on Amazon for just … read more