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A quicker method to selecting your CRM system

Many advisory firms struggle with the selection of their CRM software. We know there are over 20 choices, if you include all the different Salesforce overlays available. We also know that some CRM’s have built-in processes & templates for sales, marketing, operations, planning, and more. If you want to DIY the research, below is a master … read more

Security of Financial Advisory CRM Systems and the basics…

  While standards and certifications may change, we took the liberty of compiling the latest security information on several of the CRMs within the financial RIA industry. As always, please also do your own due diligence when researching the security of systems as it is a moving target.   TRUSTe ISO 27001 ISO 27002 SAS … read more

Coffee shops and how business owners allow them to waste time and money

We all search for the least chaotic place to work and think. However, your location could hurt your productivity. Here’s why…. When we do our ops strategy calls with our business owners, they expect us to hear everything they say. They also expect quick, smart answers and solutions to their business hurdles. We are not … read more